About Us


What makes us special?


About Us


We’re Elton & Ilona, the owners of The Pudding People.

Back in the mid 1990’s, word spread to family and friends about the fantastic Christmas Pudding that we had made. Those people spoke to other people, and soon we were making 10 or 20 puddings a year, instead of just the one for our family.

So we started thinking to ourselves “Is there a greater demand out there?”

What started with an idea, and a registered business name, soon became a website. Relationships with suppliers and couriers were quickly established.

Feedback from our customers led to the introduction of other products.

Traditional puddings were soon accompanied by Gluten Free puddings. Then the sauces came along.

From humble beginnings, The Pudding People have now become a small business growing bigger every year.

Using our traditional old recipe, The Pudding People refined and improved the recipe to bring you the puddings that are enjoyed around the country today.

Our quality puddings grace many dinner tables across Australia year after year. Sizes cater from the smallest to the largest gathering, with each pudding filled with quality mixed fruit, making up almost half the weight of each pudding.

It’s been hard work, with long hours particularly leading up to Christmas. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

And even now, each Christmas a pudding from The Pudding People proudly sits on our dining table each Christmas day, to be enjoyed by us and our family with our Christmas lunch.

What they say?



Can you give me an estimate of your postal charges?

For all puddings that are ‘posted’ to you, we use a variety of couriers or Australia Post. We also charge a flat free for delivery – so it doesn’t matter whether you order 1 or 10 puddings, barring large corporate orders we charge $16 for delivery

When do you take last orders for Christmas?

Depending on your location, our courier advises it can take up to 5 days for delivery, so for postal orders we close business on the 16th December, with last orders couriered out the next day.

Do you ever sell out?

That’s an easy one – we don’t!! As we make to order, as soon as an order comes in, we pack the pudding in a sturdy shipping container and get it out to you, in most cases, within a day or two of ordering.

Why do you want a daytime address for me?

We don’t want your pudding left on your doorstep – providing us a daytime address means there is usually somebody around to accept the delivery.

Do you make single serve puddings?

Yes! We have our single serve 125g pudding. As these are outside our normal range, and minimum order numbers apply, please call or email us for further details.

How do I reheat your puddings?

If you do things the traditional way, you would place them in a similar sized bowl, and place in boiling water for up to 2 hours. The non-traditionalist way is simply to reheat whole in the microwave, or for more consistent heating, cut into serving sizes then reheat.