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  • The history of the Christmas Pudding goes back to British days, when the Brits would celebrate their snowy cold Christmas with a Traditional Christmas Pudding. However in the Southern hemisphere, our Christmas Day is usually spent baking under the hot December sun.  So what do......

  • You can always tell that Christmas is coming well in advance – our local supermarkets are always keen to bring out the mass manufactured Christmas Puddings, and Mince tarts well before Christmas, and this year is no different.  Whilst The Pudding People can’t help with......

  • As a child growing up, Christmas was always shared between grandparents. There would be the grandparents on my mother’s side, and those on my father’s side, all who needed to be visited at Christmas to celebrate with the family. Christmas was very important to my......

  • Christmas Puddings as we know them were introduced as a family tradition in Victorian times by Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert. The puddings looked and tasted very much as they do today. However, in those days they were all made at home and all the......

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