The history of The Pudding People

The history of The Pudding People

We don’t like to let on how old we are, so that part will remain a closely guarded secret, but one of the questions we are often asked, is how did The Pudding People begin?

It all started by accident.

In a previous full time job, conversation turned to “What did you do on the weekend”, and it was explained that the family Christmas pudding was made, in plenty of time for Christmas, to allow time for it to mature. Almost instantly somebody asked, “Well can you make one for me?”

Prices were researched, and a little bit added on to cover the cost of gas for steaming, and the first pudding for retail was born.

Word soon spread about these fantastic puddings, and before we knew it, others were contacting us to request one be made for them as well.

We puttered along just making 20 or 30 for several years, before a news article about a similar business drew our attention. We immediately figured that if they could do, then why couldn’t we?

Research into suppliers of fine quality dried fruit commenced, along with distributors of high grade Australian Brandy was successfully made, and the business name “The Pudding People” came to mind.

Now in our 20th year, we sometimes look back at how it started, and are amazed at how far we have come.  Out initial product offering of a Large and Medium pudding, now come in 6 sizes.

Gluten Free puddings were then added to our range, followed by our Brandy Sauce.

People asked us about Gift Packs – and another product was added.

This year we have added the Summer Pudding, and accompanying Passionfruit Sauce – again, because we’ve been told that our customers want options.

More products are being planned – yet to be developed, but we are excited about where we might end.

So for those loyal customers of ours, some who have been ordering for most of the 20 years, we say thank-you – and look forward to serving you for at least another 20 to come.

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